Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mike Bohorquez: The last climb

Update June 9 2011:

After a week of delays, I finally got to call Mike's mom. She is having a great hard time dealing with the release of Mike's body and personal effects. The consulate, ambassadors and state dept from both Columbia and the United States are all involved. The FBI is refusing to investigate the seemingly suspicious turn of Mike's demise. All told, Mike will be cremated in Columbia unless we can get his body back state-side asap.

I have no news of services or any other information.

I told Mike's mom that I would look into my personal political connections here in Canada to see if we can't get things moving faster and more efficiently. Obviously, Mike is not the top priority for anyone down there, less Alain Denis who has been a godsend to us for the past few weeks.

I urge everyone to call your senator and ask him to put pressure in any way they can so we can start to get things moving.

After my conversation with Mike's mom, all I want to do is fly to Bogota get shit done myself.

Update May 27 2011:

Here is the latest update. I figured I would put it on top, I guess its easier for everyone.

So Alain has been updating me over the past few days. Mike was found in his hotel room late Sunday morning after the staff was not able to reach him for check out. The circumstances surrounding his death are still under examination, but it seems it was of natural causes. I will miss Mike, but I do not think this is a sad way to go. Mike always lived, spoke and acted like a rock star, and today, he gets to go out like one. Passing on in a hotel room in Bogota, Columbia seems like the perfect way for Mike to go, if there is such a thing. I encourage people to post comments about mike, fun facts we might not all already know, anecdotes and even Obituaries if you feel like it. I think Mike would have wanted us to give him credit. He always gave credit where it was due, and I think we should do the same for him. I will update this again over the next few days, as word comes through. I am sure his family will hold services once his body is released from the investigation, so I will give you that info as well, when I have it.

Party on Mike.

May 25th 2011:

As you all may have heard the rumours over the past few days, becomes reality for us today. Alain Denis, on assignment in Columbia, confirmed the passing of my best friend and climbing partner, Mike Bohorquez.

The details as of right now are very limited, but so far, we know that after a couple days of climbing and shooting pictures with Alain in Suesca, Columbia, Mike left the party on Saturday, May 21st to go see a Football match in Bogota. A few days later his mother got a phone call from the Canadian Embassy in Columbia notifying that Mike had passed away sometime on Sunday May 22nd.

In respect to any other details, I will refrain from any rumours or unspecific facts for the time being.

I will try and update this information as much as I can as I get word from the south.

Mike will be greatly missed. He was my best friend, confidant, brother and belayer star.

If you have any comments please feel free to leave them, but please refrain from any details in public. If you have such information, please email them to me so they can be verified, and that way, we can respect the family and memory of Mike.

On a worse note, and a worse day of all.



  1. Thank you for all of this information Ulric. It is greatly appreciated. My sympathy and thoughts of support to you, Mike's family and all of those who are privileged enough to have called him a friend. A special person who will live on in our hearts, minds and in the ways he has inspired each of us.
    Julie Peterson

  2. Thank you for this information. He was a great and dear friend to me as well. He will be missed but his psyche for life, his motivation and his inspiration will live on in all that he left behind. The world lost a true character, we were lucky to have known and loved him.

  3. I love that you mention the girly screams he would let out. I watched mike take 2 30 footers out of an expando flake on half dome... I was laughing so hard when he screamed!

    1. :) hahah I had forgotten about those... I was Lucky to have known him in his WSC Gunnison CO days & he was a good climbing friend & mentor

  4. he spoke aboutj that whipper so many times.......That was U belaying? man. LOL. Mike loved laughing at that too........

  5. I spent time with Mike in Mexico 2005. Had been in touch ever since. Mike was a great guy and made me laugh a lot. Won't forget him. My sympathies to his family. Awesome guy!

  6. I climbed with Mike in El Potrero a few years ago. He caught my biggest scariest whipper and while i was dangling 30 feet from where I had just been with an adrinaline soaked heart beating outta my chest he yawned a little and asked if I was gonna finish it. It was just the response I needed. He was a motivating and encouraging partner and seemed to know the beta for every climb in the Potrero. He was a good friend and I miss him.

  7. I would like to add that this post got over 1300 separate IP views from 22 countries. Mike was well liked by many people from across this little planet. not to be taken lightly.

    1. That is a Great Tribute to his Life here on Earth :)

  8. Mike was ans is one of my best buddies. He would always crash out at my place when he would spend his breif time in the fort. He will be missed sorely.As mike would say.... "dread out"

    - Kevin Rudolph

  9. ....Im having trouble finding someone who can help, but Mike has his old van in storage down the street from my house and It is where here stored lots of his things and gear. If anyone can help me contact his mother or let me know If I can do anything please contact me.

    kevin Rudolph

    1. Oh my gosh, I love that old van. In the 18 years I have known Mike, I never never met his mother. But she is listed on his facebook page. Are you liked to his face book? If not, let me know and I will help you out.

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  11. Believe it or not...we are almost to the 6th Anniversary of our Mike's passing and I just found these posts.....a great gift to me. It warms my heart to know that Mike had so many wonderful, caring friends. It took us about six months to bring Mike home. It was a very trying time. The Columbian government were not helpful...until....we "paid" them. Yes, that's right. Ransom for Mike. Good grief, he would have been laughing at that. Mike was cremated here in Rhode Island, his ashes spread around a giant monolith in a very special cemetery called Swan Point. Look it up on the internet. It's surrounded by "rocks." He is with me all the time...keeping me safe and pushing me forward. God bless all of you who befriended him during his life here on earth....but, he's still around! Mike's Mom