Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spring cleaning

Sorry for the huge time lapse between posts. A lot of work has me pinned down and running to catch up.

Preparing for the summer travel season, but without my rig. So I thought it was time to clean it. Finally found the rotting grape vine that was pestering and fuming up my van for months. I think they are from Texas. :)

Boxes for the foundation are starting to come in. I think its time to call santa, cause no way can I get all this gear to europe in one trip. WOW. I will get some pictures of next week. Maybe a vid with time lapse.

I thought this was pretty cool. Ara ( below ) and I went to the Jazz fest in Montreal. 1.5 million people attend the thousands of free shows in the streets for 9 days. This was posted up on the top of the Place des Arts building. Translated... The world is a vast theatre, and we are all actors in it.

Nothing but sex and drugs in Montreal.

Rock and Roll mobile museum. TIGHT!

 Prices are out of control. Can anyone tell me why we sent kids off to the Mideast  to die?


Chalk and too much time on my hands.

My nephew and niece, and a day at the trailer-trash amusement park.

The office.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Just need to vent.

So Monsanto is feeding our kids plastic, Coca Cola is selling tap water as aquafina, dentyne is using manure as a sweetener in its gum, you spend 2 hours a day breathing in the exhaust of your office mates in traffic, drink back our own viagra in Manhattans water supply after urinating it in the toilet, invade countries for oil, sell weapons to both sides of waring clans in north africa, spy on me with PRISM when I send an email or make a call, shove your hands in my empty pockets after I pay my taxes so you can fly around in private airplanes, take a 20 million dollar pay check while your average wal-mart worker makes 5.50$ an hour with no benefits and the product they sell are made by 4 year olds chained to a cement block in china, where they can't afford anything they are making, even on pro-deal. Oh and they poop in the same river the cows that your butcher kills drinks from on a record breaking heatwave in the middle of the Arctic, that now is a oil infested war-zone waiting to happen, just make sure we don't bother the salt level in the north atlantic current cause hell, we might all move into the top 1% of the populations houses on top of the hills who own 99% of the wealth. Did I miss anyone?


Fuck. Read all about it.

Love Nutella?
Great. Enjoy it. I don’t.
Well, yeah. I used to love it. Before, when I discovered it, I loved it, I even adored it. To the extent that I’d eat it straight from the jar. No spoon, just my fingers. I know, it’s not terribly hygienic. But it’s not all that bad… because after all, I don’t share my Nutella. A jar is for me. Just me. And it got empty really, really fast. Terribly addicting, isn’t it?
Terribly addicting indeed… but not surprising, because because the truth is that Nutella would contain monosodium glutamate , aka E621 [1] deeply hidden in the famous word ‘flavorings’. [2] You know, glutamate, the flavor enhancer that would stimulate appetite and maliciously destroy neurons[3]… To this is added –  wait for it – a small dose of … plastic ! And yes, our famous spread contains DEHP , one of the most dangerous phthalates [4], which is usually used to produce packaging and has the nasty tendency to migrate into the product. Be aware that this unwelcome guest is banned in toys and cosmetics because it is considered a carcinogen and induces, uh … testicular atrophy. Nice, huh?
Fine, fine, I’m not telling you anything new when I mention that Nutella is 70% palm oil and refined sugar, remember that skim milk powder and whey? Ferrero has for long refused to say whether or not they come from animals fed with GMOs
Oh, but wait, there’s hazelnuts and cocoa at any rate! Oh yeah, well, 20% of the finished product … not bad for a spread that should be composed of 2/3…
Fine, end of discussion. As for me, I say  Nutella is dying.

Check out the whole piece and how to make your own " good for your kids " nutella.

Fuck again.