Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Just need to vent.

So Monsanto is feeding our kids plastic, Coca Cola is selling tap water as aquafina, dentyne is using manure as a sweetener in its gum, you spend 2 hours a day breathing in the exhaust of your office mates in traffic, drink back our own viagra in Manhattans water supply after urinating it in the toilet, invade countries for oil, sell weapons to both sides of waring clans in north africa, spy on me with PRISM when I send an email or make a call, shove your hands in my empty pockets after I pay my taxes so you can fly around in private airplanes, take a 20 million dollar pay check while your average wal-mart worker makes 5.50$ an hour with no benefits and the product they sell are made by 4 year olds chained to a cement block in china, where they can't afford anything they are making, even on pro-deal. Oh and they poop in the same river the cows that your butcher kills drinks from on a record breaking heatwave in the middle of the Arctic, that now is a oil infested war-zone waiting to happen, just make sure we don't bother the salt level in the north atlantic current cause hell, we might all move into the top 1% of the populations houses on top of the hills who own 99% of the wealth. Did I miss anyone?

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