Friday, November 29, 2013

The road leaving the wind behind.

I thought I would share a piece of history with you today.

When I was 22, I was broke. I lived on the third floor of a loft building, and even though I had nothing, it was one of the best times of my life. I spent my nights partying, and my days sleeping. My loft was about 1000 square feet, with practically nothing in it, less a couch ( which one night, we threw out the window, for kicks, and it landed in the kindergarden school yard below, half mass on the fence ), a fridge, a mattress on the floor and a stove with one functioning element. It was so empty we could skate board on the hardwood floors, and I also had a swing, in the middle of the place, where many sunrises where observed from it, looking out the floor to ceiling windows to the east above the city.

I could never afford the rent, I don't think I ever paid on month on time. Eventually, I ended up more then 6 months backlogged. My door was a full wooden door, almost 8 feet high and covered in fireproof sheet metal. When you knocked on the door, you did not have to knock hard for the whole apt to sound out in acoustics.

Every other morning, around 7 am, while I had just gone to bed, the old man landlord would take the elevator up to the fourth floor, and spend 20 minutes wrapping on the door like an ape. It would make the mattress vibrate, and I would curl up in the covers like a child afraid of monsters, silent, waiting for him to leave. To this day, the worse sound in the world for mer is someone knocking on a door.

Eventually, I figured I would have to either pay the rent, or move out…

I then found the breaker to the elevator. I pulled the 78 year old fuse out and put it in the trash. It took the landlord 4 months to find a replacement. It took me one night, after that, to skip out on the almost full year of free rent, and move.

To this day, I feel bad about that, but, I did have the best time in that place, and that, makes me who I am today, and I am happy to have lived it. It also taught me an invaluable lesson. Since 2005, I have not been late on any payment, what-so-ever. SO there… LOL

Some mex pics for ya.

Diegito Fixin a bug...

Mi amor, enjoying the best tacos in MEX

Potrero at night.

Eva going to gold on Bunga Bunga

Snap away my son

Tinting the windows of the rig. 20$

Eva belays in the sun of Las Animas

nap time.

Las Animas at its best.

Gecko 1

Gecko 2. LOL

Butterflies eating my chalk

The traffic jams on sunday.

Leaving the border towards austin.

Yup, price per GALLON. Let it WAR!

Spring cleaning at 6am.

Caro at the Climbtech HQ

Living in the clouds

Carino poses for the fisheye...