Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Fuck. Read all about it.

Love Nutella?
Great. Enjoy it. I don’t.
Well, yeah. I used to love it. Before, when I discovered it, I loved it, I even adored it. To the extent that I’d eat it straight from the jar. No spoon, just my fingers. I know, it’s not terribly hygienic. But it’s not all that bad… because after all, I don’t share my Nutella. A jar is for me. Just me. And it got empty really, really fast. Terribly addicting, isn’t it?
Terribly addicting indeed… but not surprising, because because the truth is that Nutella would contain monosodium glutamate , aka E621 [1] deeply hidden in the famous word ‘flavorings’. [2] You know, glutamate, the flavor enhancer that would stimulate appetite and maliciously destroy neurons[3]… To this is added –  wait for it – a small dose of … plastic ! And yes, our famous spread contains DEHP , one of the most dangerous phthalates [4], which is usually used to produce packaging and has the nasty tendency to migrate into the product. Be aware that this unwelcome guest is banned in toys and cosmetics because it is considered a carcinogen and induces, uh … testicular atrophy. Nice, huh?
Fine, fine, I’m not telling you anything new when I mention that Nutella is 70% palm oil and refined sugar, remember that skim milk powder and whey? Ferrero has for long refused to say whether or not they come from animals fed with GMOs
Oh, but wait, there’s hazelnuts and cocoa at any rate! Oh yeah, well, 20% of the finished product … not bad for a spread that should be composed of 2/3…
Fine, end of discussion. As for me, I say  Nutella is dying.

Check out the whole piece and how to make your own " good for your kids " nutella.

Fuck again.


  1. *facepalm* MSG is not a neurotoxin. It can't cross the blood brain barrier. We leaned this in 1988. It does have a scary sounding name, though. The rest of the science in this is similarly garbage, except the fact that palm oil is bad for cardiovascular health. It is. But we already knew that. Enjoy in moderation, or in excess if you just don't give a damn.