Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10th 2011

I spent this precious day, thinking a lot about the last few years. I spent it while working with Sly, one of canada's top crack climbers and one of my closets friends.

The day dreams kept popping up, about the past, about what was wrong and about what was to be set right, about fault, about blame, and most important, how to try and make it right.

I started my day, like any other. I left home a little past 5 am and went to the gym for a 30 min run at 12km/h on a 5% incline and hit the bar for a couple of sets.

The truck packed and ready, I went from call to call, home to home, and I spent it in a daze of what was to be today.

With Mike's recent death, a lot has come into focus for me. It has affected me harder and stronger than I would have expected.

I was never the nostalgic type. I like the moment and the past is the past. But for some reason, I came to understand that without understanding the past, the future is a very gloomy place.

Time spent reflecting has given me hope for the future, and maybe a life I would have had should I have been more in-tune with the present, that is now, my affected tragic past.


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