Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27th

Aborted of all indiscretions, I will say this,"Not all that is lost is found, but all who are found, where once lost." You can quote me.

I think every one of us, at one time, wonders. Should I have taken that yellow light, that last drink, tied in, took a left turn instead of a right. Well, the great thing about everything, is that it is all your fault. And yes, thats a good thing, because if you turned the key, then you can un-turn it whenever you want.

Lets dig deep into the past 24 hours.

I jumped onto my longboard just as the sun set across the river of Montreal. It shone bright, dark orange and the humidity was still very invasive. I kicked down slope towards a friends' house. Chat chat and a few laughs and I was off back home. But back home, is actually, uphill for 2 miles. I opted instead, for the 3 rd time in one year, to take the subway. Swerving in and out of foot traffic I was accosted by the men in blue and given a 100$ ticket, and banished from the tram for 24h. I kicked my little board down main street, where, now covered in darkness my city was, a truck hits me full on on my board. I escaped without a hint of a scratch, just a few lousy words exchanged and I carried on with Temper Trap in the headphones.

I arrived to a blinking cell with a few msgs, one that my passport, which i have been waiting for for weeks because of security checks( ??? ) was now ready and that a great artist and star showing qualities was passed. I was behind the news it seemed, but Amy Winehouse had passed.

This is all to say that tonight is my last night in the city. I will buck my heels and pack the truck for an unknown destination, maybe a flight, but at least, it will be freedom and smiles, not tickets and crashes.

speak soon.


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