Sunday, November 13, 2011

As Good as it Gets...

Correlate that, and intoxicate the flower of power presumed dead all its living days!

This came out of my little buffed head as I conjured the task of writing a new blog entry.

It's been some time since I have written something original for you, and the winding road that is life has empowered me to do so again, tonight, alone but gathered in this place, we all call, the RRG!

I like observing my own behavior. Ok, I like looking in the mirror. Is that wrong? I like my shirts to match ( as much as I can ) and I like my shoes to be clean. I like a clean bed, with warm blankets and fabric softened silk sheets. White covered walls and alabaster toilet seats.

I like my designer jeans, and not wearing underwear in the summer, and getting on my longboard and riding the waves of pavement in Montreal, ipod blaring a recent trance podcast. I like making sure I have a good
bottle of wine during supper, and transit in an Audi.

I like my girlfriends in high-heels and tight jeans. I like watching them walk while I straggle behind and melt.

Then, as if God was my only witness, why am I sleeping in my truck tonight? Why have I eaten the same dish for three straight nights? Ohhhhhhhh man do we love this. My vacations are filled with week long dirty days without showers, freezing nights that see the ice form on the interior of my beat up 4 runner and my days filled with pointless attempts at climbing some piece of rock some 12 year old onsighted yesturday after his fruitloops.

But fuck, do I ever love my life. I would not trade it with anyone else's.

And that, is my days entry.

Sleep tight everyone, for tomorrow is another sandy day at the crag, another rope stretcher attempt, another whipper from the anchors, and another time I will fail at pretty much every attempt. Let it be on the rock, or my pretty neighbour who refuses to acknowledge my over excited exsistance and obnoxious behaviour with whom which I cannot control.

Dreams, oh what dreams may come.


Francois Lebeau in Action @ The RRG
Genevieve Demers Photo


  1. Incredible post! You've got talent! Glad we met! ;)

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