Saturday, May 19, 2012

Every little bit counts.

About 8 or 9 months ago, I was trotting away online during a day off in Rifle, when I cam across this organization who's soul purpose was to save and/or extend the lives of stray dogs in the great North of Quebec. I tagged it on FB, "Liked" it and moved on. A few months ago, I got a generic email asking for cash donations. Since I do not have any of that presious resource, I decided to turn help in another way. I offered to give them spools of rope. I figured, if they are trapping dogs in the wild, might as well use the best gear around, no?

I called Maxim Ropes and asked them to ship out 4 spools of Static 8mm ASAP. I also figured they would need something to cut the rope with, so we shipped a rope cutter and some spare blades as well.

Yesterday, I got this in my inbox.

I am not usually one to gloat about what I do, or who I help, but I thought this was a good way to show you what we really do behind the scenes everyday.


PS. I am adopting my own dog in a couple days. If you want to join the cause, hit me up and I will guide you or go to Chiots Nordiques.

Thank you

Éric - Chiots Nordiques
1:56 PM (15 hours ago)

to me

We recently asked for your help regarding our first vaccination and 
sterilization clinic for the dogs living in the Innu communities of Mingan 
and Natashquan.
This clinic was held from 3rd to 8 May 2012 and was a great success. 
Indeed, nearly 150 dogs were sterilized and / or vaccinated 
(more than 130 surgeries). Your help has enabled us to meet the basic 
needs of these communities.
We received help from financial partners and also many volunteers who 
have allowed this clinic to be a success for Chiots Nordiques and the 
communities that were visited. We believe that it’s important to show 
you in pictures the success of such an operation that took months to 
We hope you will join our partners for the next clinic which is fast 
approaching! Your help will always be very important.

Éric Coïa


  1. With your high quality rope we could do a lot of lasso to catch the dogs and thanks to the cutter, it took us less than a minute to build each of them.

    Many thanks.

  2. This is so fantastic!!! Tegan and Bear send you big hugs. Enjoy your new best friend!


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