Thursday, August 23, 2012

Borski Sthol

I arrived in Serbia about 12 days ago. Having no expectations. This trip is by far the most interesting I have had. We hit the first real crag at Borski sthol. Its a remote area 5km from any road or civilization. I put up a few new routes, including "A Bullit with Butterfly Wings" about 14-. The name is due to the Bullit size one arm mono pull throw to an edge right at the first bolt. the Butterflies, well are again, Mike was with me, flowing around me while I Bolted. The pink shots is also a new route up this crazy slab they call the Mirror. I called the line "The Eyes of August" due to the time of year and the fact that the trees in the forest have eyes on the trucks and are watching our every move. It checks in at about 13- or so. Not too sure. I spent a whole day traveling back to Belgrade by hitchhiking and the locals all bought me beers and food, assuming I was poor. Which is not far off.LOL I need to check in with LS and try to convince a mag to send a photographer here. Man this place is sick. Did I mention the girls?


Photo Credit goes to Fedja Monaic. 12 years old.damn!


  1. That's frekin Awesome Ulric!
    Can't believe your photographer is only 12!
    You should come climb the Canadian Rockies sometime, if you haven't already...
    Oh and I think you should shave you Your hair is crazy wild like you..ha ha
    Lisa Stefanelli : )