Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The December Coagulation

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been up and down, sideways and skimming the surface for something to say that actually has substance. Alas, Dan emailed me this morning and its sparked a little flame.

I've been in Mexico for 30 days. Climbing, and bolting. I think it's awesome to lead this life. Even though it has its pitfalls, it is better than pushing ink in-front of a Mac screen all day! Hail Cesar.

Should you send me an email today, this is what you will get as a response.

Thanks for your email,

I am bolting and climbing on Vacation, so please leave a message after the click, and I will double click on it within the next 24H. If you have any emergencies, please stabilize and call 911!



So now, as the vacation weeks approach, its getting easier and easier to lax out, lean and fall ass backwards into the sunset of life. I truly hope you are all planning something cool for your time off this Christmas. I know I am. You should. Oh, and btw. Please give at least ten bucks to a charity and don't buy anything you don't need, or at least, don't put it on your Mastercard. Stay clean and lean people. The man is not after you, but he sure as hells tries to convince you he is.

So with that. In all fairness, shut your screen, lace up your shoes, and do something other than Facebook will you! Wait, no, you need to read further.

My boys at So iLL spent a lot of time putting there company on the map over the past few years, and this is the culmination of there hard work. Dan, Dave, Chicas y hombres, braces yourselves. 2013 is So iLL time!

Have a good one peeps. See you all in 2013.

PS. I gotta give props to La Sportiva for the Futura's. They rule guys.
Maxim, thanks again for the ropes. You can now exemplify that you can bolt with a 9.1 on aid, rap, jug, pull, tug, scrap and severely TRY to destroy the rope, but the airliner just won't quit. I will have pics and Vids up shorty for proof.

Mom, send more money!


So iLL: Guard Booth from So iLL on Vimeo.

Climb So iLL: Routesetting from So iLL on Vimeo.

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