Friday, March 1, 2013

Last day

Its my last day in Mex. Wrapping up some loose ends. Paying off tabs at various bars and restaurants, no brothels LOL. Its hard. Sitting in Cercado and I have to go back up and tell the family I am leaving. They know I come back every year, but every time, its a tear fest. I hate goodbyes.  Anyway. Doing some last minute prep for flights and such for the tour and I have to hit potrero to drop off some hangers and hardware for the crew that remains active there. A couple beers with friends and then I will be off. Its like an exicution. I am having my last meal, and what better then Tacos con Papas. Anyway. Yup. I am out. Next post will be from freezing MTL.


Best tacos north of DF. In Cercado.

This is form Paddy, an irish pub I got wiggled at a few nights ago. ouffffffff. Best food I've had in mex. no doubt.

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