Monday, September 9, 2013

Climbing gear for Kids UPDATE

Its been a long and arduous task, running ( flying, driving, hitchhiking, walking ect... ) around the planet over the past few weeks. When I put the foundation together I had no idea how time consuming and involved it would be. Coordinating and scheduling, calling, emails, faxes, immigrations, borders, fees and taxes, lying and cheating, promises and keeping them. All for the glorious end of making a few kids smile and keeping up my end of the bargain to my so generous sponsors and contributors. Before you start looking over the pictures and reading the comments, I would really like you to take a few minutes and check out the various websites and Fb pages of the

people, companies and well-doers who made this possible. Yes, I toted the bags, but I would not have any bags to tote were it not for these many amazing people.

First off, My mom . Who's tireless efforts in coordinating funds from better off people saved me many a sleepless nights and calls from creditors in the future :)

Second, La Sportiva, Prana, So iLL and Maxim who's strict code of conduct and work ethic got me the gear I asked for in time and on spec.

Many "little people" contributed bug as well. Boiler room sent me the most gear of all, including over 40 gri gri's and helmets, shoes and all pack-packs including new shoes from the retail store.

Here is a list of the what peeps gave.

Maxim : 4 x 60m equinox and 2 x 200m spools of gym rope for the tower in Beograd, Serbia
La Sportiva : 20 pairs of new shoes, half of which from LS athletes
So iLL : 10 x prescripstion chalk containers, msgenger bags, chalk bags and swag
Prana : 10 t-shirts, pants, sweaters, 20 chalk bags, 20 hats and beanies and more swag
Caroline Paradis and Cara Brock sent me a box of shoes from the crews in Alberta
Connor Watson set up a box at GGR and collected about 20 pairs of shoes.
Malek @ The Boiler Room set us up with lots of security items that were well needed. Gri Gri's and helmets for the most part and shoes for the kids.
Ken and Petra @ Vertical Reality in Ottawa... Gave so much. thank you.

Evolv and Petzl boxes did not make it in time for my departure, but rest assured, the gear will be first to go on the next journey. Allez Up gear was to much and also will be added to the next flight plan. Thank you.

So here you go, a series of pics from the road, and beyond. Enjoy.

Chillin at Sumsko's house. Updating the medias and keeping up with the GF xxxx...

If anyone knows a modelling agency, Mulitan's face should be the new face of CK yo. He also happens to be the recipient of the new pair of jeans and t shirt from Prana. Well deserved.

Jelena was asking for her own harness for over a year, since my last visit to Beo actually. I gave her mine. So iLL t shirt from my own stash too...

After a 26h travel day across the atlantic and multiple countries, i hit the road to reunite with my perfect GF only to have blockers one after the other. This first one, pulling women out of a burning car, was about 45min into the the journey. Thank god for my Boulder X's, else my feet would also be covered in blood, like my knees and forearms. More to come...

Packing for the allotted 105 kg from Swiss Air to Beograd. About 30 kilos of bolting gear including my trusty Hilti, and about 60 kilos of gear for kids. After it was all said and done, I could only leave with the clothes on my back + a few spare socks in my camera bag.

The first Jelen in Beo. Felt nice to drink a beer at 5am EST in Europe without feeling guilty.

After a day of craging in Slovenia, we hit a small trattoria in Italy outside Trieste. Enna, Goran and little Malik.

I bolted about 1/3 up this huge arete only to strip it and come down 2 days after starting. To much choss. Could not in good conscience leave it up.

After several missed attempts to get a free flight or freight to europe I ended having to book a first class ticket on my miles to accommodate the gear. The nice side, is the lounge in Zurich for the 6 hour layover.

Huh? What is that doing there? testing the camera.

More drinking with underage teens. always a joy to support such activities LOL...

Giving out some shoes from the donation bag in Zemun. Sumsko and a promising little one making the best of a 41c day.

Jr girls interviewed for a documentary.

Prana really came through. Chalk bags were a big hit. This little 6 year old is gonna one day harass Prana for money after winning a world cup. Mark my words.

More smiles. more fun. Better climbing with actual climbing shoes from LS and the gang in Alberta.

14 years old and he is like 6.6'. FUCK. LOL

After drinking and getting some food ( drinking comes first ) we hang at Jera's love nest in Beo. I passed out shortly after this shot.

My bolting bag and a new pair of boulder x was waiting for me. Although a little squished from a year at the bottom of a bag under a drill and hangers they replace my year olds ( left ). Always nice to feel the same old comfort in a new pair. Where will these shoes take me this round?

Arrived in Rijeka at 5 am. Self shot testing the timer on the docks of the Adriatic Sea.

Malik has a little naked fetish when eating.

While posing... with a prana beanie.

The family at late lunch...

Enna and Malik. Princess...????

Osp and the humidity index. Always welcome when needing an excuse to fail on 6c.

My serbian haircut. HA

Star wars?

After 8 hours of sleep over 3 days I arrive outside Laredo, Texas. I took a few shots of the bridge before crossing the border....

Mobile offices are the norm for me. Keeping in touch with LS, Maxim, Prana, So iLL and Climbtech is a must on a bi weekly basis. Sometimes its done from the comforts of a 200$ hotel room and private pool area...

Sometimes from the deserted check in desks in airports...

More nudity courtesy of Malik.

Nice little cave. more 6c rampage...LOL

Here are a few pics from the main Sponsors. Thank you so much. Nothing is impossible, when you think it is possible. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ulric @ I don't want money, just send me free shit I can give away...


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