Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carino Passes

On an early fall morning in Oct, 2013, a little dog started following me to the crag. He was fast and bright and decided, after a cold night huddled under my blankets, that he would protect me until he could no longer. He stayed by my side everyday and would not wander more then a feet feet from me at any given time. When I whistled, he would come running back immediately.

Carino was the best friend I could have. He protected me from rock fall and intuitively new when to stay away when we bolted. He had plenty of organic, non-bi product food, but would always sniff his way to some scraps on the floor.
I shared many days alone with him on the wall, or at the base, talking and laughing and playing. He would eat part of my cookies, but always leave me some. When I bought expensive meat, I would always cook him a nice piece and he would always get all the bones and fat. He would wake me in the middle of the night, sometimes Eva and I, if someone approached the van. He would do this more often when Eva was there, knowing, I guess, that he should protect her more then me.

He hated water, especially when I bathed him. But he would always forget the horrible moment and run back to me after 10 minutes, smelling good and clean.

Carino, like my first dog Ujiro, saved my life many times. And for that, I can never be more grateful.

I will never be able to have another dog. Carino was nothing short of the best dog I could have ever wanted, and nothing can ever beat his personality. He was alive, and while he was, enjoyed a good life by my side, or should I say, I had a good life by his.

On jan 29, 2014, he succumbed to a series of seizures that I cannot explain. Carino was acting a little funny all day, begging for more attention then usual. He would not stay in his seat while I drove nor would he stop barking at imaginary objects once arrived
back home. Around 10 pm he started shivering and a few minutes later, crippled by spasms, his little heart gave out. He was no older then 15 months. God took him away. He is now with Ujiro, and I am sure, they are looking down on me now and
hoping they could both share the front seat once again.

I buried you in your favourite climbing area, over a gloomy dark night and shadowed by a think fog just after midnight this morning. I walked with you in my arms, lifeless, and I cried the whole time, through the night, and tears still waterfall on my cheeks
right now.

You will always be by my side little buddy. Your seat will always be your seat, while we drive the open road. And I will always keep a good piece of meat for you at the table. You will be with me forever. For as long as blood courses through my veins, you will be my dog.

Love. Eternally.


Nov 2012 - Jan 29 2014


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