Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Off Topic...

This my be a little harsh for some of you, so if you feel uneasy, just exit the page.

I have been back in Montreal for a couple months now, and the cement feel of the city is settling in. I watch the news sometimes with supper, and all this crap is just overwhelming.

Here is my mission to my Government and its employees who seems to not be able to take any action or responsibility.

First. The city police is on strike. If I understood correctly, its about pension funds being cut by the provincial government.

This is really funny... Let me tell you why. Without going in too deep, the government is trying to cut the retirement benefits of the unionized police officer because it is simply afraid that it will not have any money to pay out the checks once all those poor boys and girls in blue start hitting the linx in white shoes and sporty hats and Cadillacs. On the same page, some old has been in a wheelchair is in court for allegedly stealing 700,000.00$ ( that we know of ) during her stint as Lieutenant General or some high ranking position that serves absently fuck all...

So on one hand, the Gov is causing this strike, by not punishing the rich bitch who stole from me.

POLICE. Here is an answer. Why not put her in jail, freeze all her assets and make sure when she comes out, that she can't get on welfare. PS. 700K might not sound like much, but arrest and seize all the money and property from every fucking politician that has stolen from you and I and your pension will be fine and dandy, hell, I think policemen should be the only ones stealing. At least they get shot by bullets, and not tomatoes...

Speaking of welfare. Why does it still exists. Don't get me wrong. A beaten women with 4 kids should be helped. Man, I would give you 5 times the check your getting, but we can't, cause those fat fucks across the street hustling smokes and weed to teens, they cash in that portion.

Why do we not cut welfare, or minimize it. Simple. Cause they are the only ones who vote.
Here is a solution. Pass a law that stipulates that to vote for an elected official, you must first participate in his salary. i.e; if you are on welfare, in prison or in other ways sucking on my tit, you cannot vote. Then, simply strike down the law of the pimp hand, and you will see a lot more of those welfare cases working at 7/11 at 3 am. guaranteed.

Speaking of prison, why do inmates not payback their times served. Why am I paying for judges and bailiffs and bars and steaks and school for the fuck who stole my car? I go to school and when I come out, I get a nice bill and 20 years of payments. Might as well try robing a bank and if I get caught I can go to college for free, and by the time I graduate I will have served my time, ate for free, and gotten lessons in love I would have missed at Dawson. Shit. Sign me up.

Speaking of signs. Anyone see the stop sign fly 40 feet in the air on youtube? Montreal aqueduct system is so old it was documented in black and white. I got a solution for you, Montreal. You love your bixies so much, why not have em year round. Build a series of bicycle streets, on top of the roofs of the mostly three story buildings in Montreal. Cover them up and heat em, so we can bike all over the city all winter or in the rain. Wait, if they are heated, could you not slip the water mains under the deck and bam..........simple to access, no breaks, new pvc. wow. And you got a heated, free, green transport system, all year, that costs NOTHIN!!!!

Nothin is what you will get pretty soon if you try to cross champlain bridge. Construction is set to start anytime before the next ice age, built by men who should be castrated for lack of brain, and designed by engineers who's only possible career was in government after barley making it out of whatever internet university classroom you went to. Thats right. you are all idiots. Building a bridge, with the same number of lanes as the old one, and expecting us to say nothing cause it will be artsy.

I am no engineer, but here goes. Why not build two bridges. that's right, 2. One on the left side of champlain, and one on the right side. You build a strong ass kick ass bridge on both sides, and just like your pervert uncle, you slowly, slip a big beam under there skirt of the old one and support it. Make it for bicycle or scooter traffic, whatever tesla comes up with next. But for fuck sakes, build it right.

Our winters are tearing at the bridges all over the city, expect for Victoria. Why? No concrete and no pavement. Build a bridge out of steel, make the driving surface porous to absorb and waste away all the crap away from the structure, and oh! I forgot about this, why not MAKE A ROOF. Thats right. Close that bitch off. End to end. That way, no snow, no rain, no concrete, no problems. and heh, looks, more then 10 lanes of drivable surface for all to enjoy. Who's gonna pay? We are. That's right. The rich banks will get an obligation to lend out the money for this bridge interest free, cause they have so much, and we are gonna pay it back by paying per crossing. And you say NO WAY, WE WON'T PAY... but why not. Here is an easy solution. Don't pay for car, or per passenger or per axle. NO. Pay per missing passenger. that's right. You have a 8 cylinder escalade mom, but you are alone, thats 2$ x 7 seats, 14$ please to go pick up your little one at math camp. You got a scooter, hell, I will pay you 1$ instead of charging you.

Speaking of pay tolls. Who is the TOO OLD OVER THE HILL TO UNDERSTAND TECHNOLOGY advising the minister of transport? you are making all these bridges payable, in one area and then another, and you could not for the life of you have one transponder for the whole province, at least, I say, the whole country. Is it that hard. We have this huge cool thing called the INTERNET and millions of companies making great strides in TECHNOLOGY, thats right, we even have planes now that fly to Europe. imagine that. Jesus. register a farm get a sticker, put it in the window. pass a hub, get charged. not to hard. fuck.

Thinking about planes, here is my last rant. How come none of those civil servants want to fly commercial. How come I can wait for hours in a ER, airport, traffic, starbucks, water fountain at the park and at the sauna for a blow job, but they can't fly commercial?  They fly private, or first class.

Then you get caught with your hands in your pants grabbing your dick during recess and you say, its not me, its him. All these public figures, elected on lies and bad hair, trying to show me that because they are on TV admitting the truth that its now ok. We somehow accept it. Oh, and kudos to " I would love to have 10 minutes in a room without windows with" Charest for setting up this great entertainment that is, Charboneau. What a joke. Its, come and tell us your sins and be absolved. All the money to build the bridge, fix the potholes, and make sure our cops are comfy at 90 is right there. No one is doing anything about it. We all watch it on TV and scream, but you scream at the TV. Anyone care to scream in public. I say we walk up to the house of whoever stole from me and I take back what they took. Flatscreen or bentley, its all good.

At 2$ a litre of gas, we better start robbing each other... Wait... What?

My five minutes are up.

Good night.


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