Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lebanon Week 3

Another few weeks have passed. Eva has joined me and Emelie is arriving on the 16th to join Eva, Nicolas and a slew of helpers and motivated peeps to develop a new area in the southern region of Lebanon.

The area is located a few miles from the entrance to the Magnificent town of Jezzine. The area is hidden in the valley floor, and took a few days to find.

Habbib, a speleology pro and local contractor offered to drive me around to look at cliffs as part of the mayor initiative to develop the sport in the area. Of course, I jumped in. On the second attempt, we found this great area. Its about 300 meters wide and 90 meters tall. Most routes are 35m.

Like I have stated before, I was not in Lebanon to bolt 14's ( 8c's ) but to try and help the sport grow. No better way to do that but to get down and dirty and find an area we could put in 40 or so routes of beginner and intermediate range. I have been working the wall for 10 days now. At first alone, but now, more people are showing up daily, armed with drills and hammers, eager to bolt or clean or tread trails.

My drill has been pounding the walls for 10 days now, including 4 days of rain. We have 10 routes up. Mostly lower 6 grades, and one 7c+ or 8a. That was a fluke, I wanted to go under the roof and tread right to avoid the overhang, but the rock was not solid and safe enough, so I finished the tufa line up straight through three roofs. It over hangs about 5 meters over 20. Its pretty rad.

Eva and I started a new wall yesterday and I think we can get a few lines up on this area that will be in the 5 grade which will be great practice wall.

My goal, as it has always been, is to help expand the sport. This area is for everyone. Anyone can come and learn with me, or alone. You can guide, take pictures or film and climb when you want.

If you don't have a drill, you can use mine. If you do not have bolts or hardware, you can use mine. As long as it goes up on the wall in a safe and correct manner, then everyone wins. And like I told everyone who has shown up, if they are not sure, they can ask and its my pleasure to guide you in the safe direction.

I think we will succeed. :)

Here are a few shots of my first days here and the new wall.

Small crag in Bierut. Pretty cool. Kenny and Jess playing around.

Dinner des Con... After a hard day at the new area, beer sounds pretty good to me.

Kenny, Jess and ( sorry, forgot your name ) smiling...

View from the hotel, paid for by the city, in Jezzine. BAM.

A pics sent to me in FB. In Beirut. We will surly put up a couple lines there before leaving this year. :)

My stitches before I pulled em out during my layover in Istanbul.

Bolting the second line at the new area. Ground up. BAM.

4 batteries should suffice...

Turkish Airlines were so cool to accommodate all my 150 kilos of gear on the flight, for free. Much thanks :)

Eva bolts the first line on a new part of the new area. :)


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  1. Thanks a lot Ulric and Eva for all the effort and dedication!