Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last Sept my climbing sympathy for the FQME came to a grinding halt after I witnessed its members and directors trash my favourite crag.

After long reflection, I decided to make some vids and take some pictures of the massacre that resulted in giving incompetent people the power of decision making.

I took those pictures and videos to the source. To the FQME head office where I met with its directors and daily operators. I waved a white flag and demanded explanations and for them to fix their mistakes.

They sat there, for over an hour, while I explained to them the incidents. They pretended like they new nothing, and I was happy, to show them what was wrong, thinking they would be stupefied and they would react the next day and clean up the mess. Unknown to me was the fact that not only did they know exactly every detail of what I was telling them, one of them was actually at the Crag the day of the event, throwing rocks on my head. When I tell him the story, he does not even have the honour of appologosing. He pretends he wasn't there. Horrific.

Now the whole point of this is to show you that the FQME not only knows it does things wrong, because they admit on tape that the placements are faulty, but they prefer to protect its high ranking officers, instead of protecting you, the climber, by fixing the problem itself, which is the anchor or bolt. Unbelievable.

So now, over a year has gone by and nothing has been done. I think its time for you to here the truth from the devils mouth. Here is the link to the audio that I recorded during my visit with the FQME. My phone was in plane view, and know one asked me to shut it off.

One last thing. You need to know that when I returned from my winter travels, I got home to a subpoena to remove a video from Youtube from Andree Laprerriere and the FQME. I did in fact remove it. I will check with my lawyer tomorrow if I can put it back online. If I do I will put it at the top of this post, so if you return, you don't have to look for it.

The whole conversation between the dictators of the FQME and I can be found HERE!

Here are the videos of the destruction that happened last Sept 2011.

Here is the link to the pictures from FB.


  1. Holy fuck. Those cock-suckers butchered that forest.

  2. Yes. I could not say it better myself.

  3. WOW WTF@!!!!!@!@! MAN they're going to ruin it for everyone! notttttttttt cool! Those trees were also perfect for emergency belay escape. damn... sad.

  4. Oh well ! that is on the ground only , you should see what they do with the retro bolting & belays anchors... Personnally 2 glue/on side by side at same level (180 deg ), make treamendous twist in your rope at the retreat, that's beside the friction. They miss putting only 2 hanging pieces of chains on it, especially place to clip extra biners & stuff, like a 2nd party passing by, belay management facilitys (hauling/ hanging...and so on). Look's like it is the new fashion doing it. From my point of view , 30 deg. angle is much better than 180 deg.(decrease forces)
    What I can see from the VDO plan quinquennal is, that the "scellement" got there, because of the new stick clip fashion, safe & no danger new school. Remember climbing is dangerous and death may occured, only the climber should do the difference of the point of no return. By the way is there a " STICK CLIP " for trad gear on the market ??? let me know I'll quit climbing than...
    Oh well " TITA PIAZ " must flip in is coffin...