Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life after Mike

I watched as snow, slowly, settled on the cars and barbecues of my street yesterday afternoon. I was walking in the apt and stopped dead in my tracks in front of the window. I stared through the looking glass, iphone in one hand and laptop in the other. Its oct 12. The great white drop yesterday reminded me it was soon time to wrap up the days and work and head for warmer temps. That in turn, also reminded me that agian, this year, I will be without my climbing partner.

I tossed and turned all night only to finally just dress and accept that this sleepless wake was here to stay. I poured over pictures of Mike all night. Laughing, smiling, and crying. My tears hit the laptop keyboard and drenched the santacruz sweatshirt I was cuddled in.

There are things in life we cannot, and will never be able to explain. I only wish, I hope, that my freind is in a better place. Let it concious or not, just let him be well.

I miss you mike. If they have wifi where you are, I now have skype dickhead. :)

Much love.

Chonta find in 2009

Find Mike and I. This is how big Chonta is. Mike liked it all big. Big asses, big air, bigwalls.


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