Monday, January 14, 2013

The January Naked Affair!

Nothing spoils the grand finale of a trance set then watching 2 girls climb topless at the same wall your bolting at, but you are so far away that all you can see is WHITE! Finding the name for the extension to Dante's Inferno was easy. It was noon when I put in the last bolt and heard screams from the crags down below. Naked Lunch seemed an appropriate name.

I am at the last try for the send on the first of three 14 extensions now. Quesadilla de Oro ( Golden Quesadilla ) will be done tomorrow,providing I don't blow the dyno, and that's gonna check in at 13+ or 14a. Its sick. 40m on orange limestone. Bagley has picks of me coming off it below. No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going tomorrow.

Off the crux of Quesadilla extention. Again. But soon, no more! :)

 Next up is the extension to Chino(13c) which will check in at about 14a/b. Can't wait to hang the draws on that. damn.

Anyway. Enough spraying. Heading to Austin on sunday for my meet and greet at the climbtech factory. I am soooooooooooooo stoked. Its gonna be nice to eat a what-a-burger once again. I miss em. This liquid diet is fucking harsh.

On the up side, we are looking at a new wall to start bolting next week. The crew is psyched, TED and his wife are looking good and everyone is now sending on a daily basis, keeping up with them is hard :)

The Maxim Airliner "Jet Stream" getting its work on!

Quesadilla de Oro ( Extention ) 13+ 40m. All the way!

Anyway. Here are a few pics and vids. Enjoy.

Photos are courtesy of Patrick "Annie" Bagley. Paging Dr. Bagley to the proctology dept.
Paging Dr. Bagley.

Lost one of those NewBalance shoes one night. Down to one pair of LS Boudler x. Its gonna be alright Ulric
Notice the Down. its like 5c Celsius these days. FREEEEEEEEEEEZING

The next wall to be put on the map!

Hiking out in the cold damp rain.

My girlfriend! LOL 

Centre of Las Animas. 14 and 15 projects up the center run for 50+ meters.

Osito. Little pup that nows follows us everywhere. He's up for adoption. Come get em!

The walk back from Las Animas. The long road to nowhere.

Rest days are always fun...

My rig.

Shot from the top of the hike in to the canyon.

Pat asked me to pose. I'm no poser, I guess. Dirty ass climber.

get out of my sun Bitch!

New england or Mexico?

I am not an alcoholic!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Where in Nuevo Leon by Monterrey? Im from Utah, but I lived in Monterrey for a couple of years and I remember there was so much rock around those parts! I climbed a little at Potrero Chico, but I remember hiking around other parts even up by Saltillo and there was a ton of limestone! I wanna go back.

  2. its in the city limits of monterrey, just south on the 85 towards linares. its sick.

  3. The wall in the picture on the hillside, have you hiked up to it.If so how does the wall look? I was in el salto and looked at that wall and others just outside the town through binoculars and it looks world class like the best cliffs in europe. The hike looked very long and difficult to get up there though. Any info is appreciated.

  4. Jack. What info do you want? Check this out.

    it has all the updated list of routes for el salto.


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