Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tonight, for you! :)

Its sometimes hard to put into words how we feel. We travel time and future and silienty, at night, in the darkness behind our eyes, we conjure up these unavailable ideals. We think of the one long gone, the future ahead. The loves that have past us by, and thinking we shall never feel that way again, until one moment, when you least dream of the fact, it happens again. This is for you, tonight, on the wake of Valentines Day, know that someone really cares, but knowing you will be with another. Who really, would love to be there, for you. I hope you enjoy the following, cause tonight, this page, this blog, is not for the 2000 people who click on it every week, but just for you. If I could shut it down and only give it to you, I would. 

A song is always a great way for me to pass my feelings onto another person, so I dedicate this one, to you as well. Double shot, so to speak.

Take care fair chica. I hope this finds you, and finds you smiling

Nothing in our hearts can it beside, threw the flow of love that it deserves
It singles out the coldest, the deepest, the most fragile
Warms up the ice and depths of the eternal thaw, leaving lights in blurs
And it then fades with the light of thermic ever-last, staying, silent, proud.

Can it survive another winter, another nano second without
Will it live to see you stand and walk towards it
open, in dire need of something you do not know you need
But can simply stay silent, wishing for all man kind to witness this scene

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