Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dark Star

I woke to rain sparkling the roof of the camper this morning. Chimes at about 5am. Like most everyone does after taking the gunk out of the corner if their eyes', I picked up my cell to check msgs and sorts. These days my focus has been extremely narrow. My energies focused on one person in particular. This song is for her.

The world will continue forward on its axis Eva. The birds will sing this morning in your garden tree like yesturday and you will face some obstacles again as you will everyday from hence forth. The only thing that matters is how you face those chanllenges. Take a step forward, unsheath your sword and swing away at them without worrying about your blind spot, cause I got em covered. You might even feel my hand at the small of your back should you wither for a moment.

Breakaway from the pack, put on your game face and use that sharp weapon of iron in good manner.


Watch "Jonas David - Arrows" on YouTube

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