Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My best friend Mike die two years ago today. Lingering in columbia, life styling to the extreme a world drawn against itself in everyday, he threw the arms up for everyone.

I spent the day today in a haze. Flashes of thoughts and dreams, memories imbedded deep in me. The drizzly air today felt abut right, to think about the love that is gone, and on the other, the love I am chasing, all only to fill some selfish dark whole I guess.

Truth is Mike had it right. Live fast, climb a Muerte, and leave no stone unturned. Try everything, at least once, and he always understood my little poetic, romantic escapades, and always encouraged them. He of all, knew what I was mad of. Maybe, that is why, he and I could spend hours not saying a word to each other, but then attack without warning in perfect harmony.

I was told something today that really stirred me. I was told I should not lay my heart on my sleeve so much. Care or what have you.

Mike. I think of you everyday. Every time I plug in my earphones to climb, or I take a right turn at the wheel ( remember? Hahahahaha ). Every time I see a heavy metal t shirt, or when I drink coffee. I hope you and my dog are happy somewhere, with lots of bitches, and women, cool shade, steep routes, large fields and endless forearm strength.

I wish you the best and the longest eternal life.

What you did in life, has echoed at least in mine, and will forever stay alive.



Here is a vid of Mike Climbing. Found it a few moments ago while hustling the photo docs.


  1. Sad day, Ulric. At least we got memories of Mike to keep with us.

  2. Ulric...thank you so much for posting this. I know Mike is with us....I just don't know where that place is, but I can feel his presence. Hearing his grunts has moved my heart. Mike's Mom

  3. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Mike. And finding the video of Mike doing something that he truly loved.