Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Boreal and John Bachar

We swung by the Boreal factory today for some shoes for kids in Croatia and got a cool chance to see the factory and man, what a cool last stop in the private showroom of the owner. ( This might sound odd or cheesy ) but it was really inspiring to be in the presence of this particular pair of shoes. Man. My breath actually slowed to a gasp when I saw em. Jesus ( Boreal owner ) told us that he had boxes and boxes of used pairs from every climber who ever wore Boreal in the last 39 years including Wolfgang and Lynn Hill and the list goes on... Cannot wait to stop by next year to see the actual museum they are building.

Thanks again or all the shoes for the kids Jesus. Many smiles to come and thanks for supporting a La Sportiva athlete. Jesus, like me, knows that in these kinds of situations, loyalty is only skin deep and what matters is the end result in helping others less fortunate. Kudos man.

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