Saturday, February 14, 2015

Boreal to the rescue.

Most of you know I do my best to give back. Sometimes it means ruffling a few feathers to get what I want, and it sometimes means going outside my circle for that help. The ends justify the means no? When Evolv dropped me as a rep in 2009, I was on the lookout for something fresh. At the OR that summer, I swung by and met Jesus, the owner of Boreal shoes. That coincidence also brought me to contact him last summer while trying to get gear for kids in Croatia. Man did he come through. It took some logistics, including shipping them to Spain to me, putting them in Klemen's van bound for Slovenia, then my friends in Istria picked em up and brought em back to there home gym in Pazin.

I want to thank Boreal for making this happen. Petzl also sent me a ton of harnesses that went out to Lebanon and to Pazin, as did the NorthFace with chalk bags.

I cannot stress enough the work and hardships that go into getting something like this done. That would be a whole book worth of words. All I can say is that those smiles and those kids climbing are worth every "NO", phone hangups, un returned emails from most companies I contacted, and totting 200 kilos of gear around the planet.

If you feel like working for free and getting no credit, feel free to join me on my next quest. Who knows, you might even get a free t-shirt. LOL


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