Tuesday, February 3, 2015

La Calle...

Being on the road takes it toll. It seems everywhere I go, almost constantly, I get the " your living the dream " schpeal... But in reality, like a wise man once said, there is no free lunch on this great blue yonder.

I left Montreal in October, after being home only for a month, and hit Lebanon. I spent the better part of a month bolting, breathing in rock dust and speeding through red lights. We then flew to Spain where I have been getting my as kicked for 2 months now. The weather changes. Days are cold, tips are frozen, clothes dirty, and more rope dangling to edit a film. Nights spent in silence with headphones on for 5 minutes of vimeo action for all.

Where is the balance, the center of it all where we find a reason for what we do and a love of who we are? I have yet to conjure up an answer. Maybe you can. Who knows.

We have little to do with the rest of the population. Why then, do people want to live like this? Why are we wanting to be so different and so apart? I lay in my bag sometimes, looking up at the stars, and wonder, maybe, if I should not be a wheel pusher. Cubicle, all in vacations in cancun, and the car payment! then i snap, and realize, that will never be me. never be us. cause what I do, what we do, serves to push the wheel as well. hopefully, we drive you to exemplify what you are in a good way, and produce yourself at the crag early on saturday, and work that project or ski that ridge.

We are all part of this lifestyle. Weather you buy the magazines or make them. We are all culprits and all doing are part to make headway.

I miss home this morning. I miss it very much.

My little brother has two kids, my niece and nephew are my pride and joys. I miss them very much. he keeps me posted on them via the web, but its really not the same. I hope to see them soon and I hope to see them grow up strong and do what they want to do, however they choose.

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