Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GRIPPED June 2011

Here is an insider for all your cravings. Gripped is publishing an article about Quebec climbing. I think this is a first for any mag, let me know if I am wrong. Also will have nice pics of PeeWee sending hard cracks, some nice bikini shots, and other pictures, some taken by Francois Lebeau for example. Can't post anything yet, but here is just a teaser.

"I love living in Montreal. The city is overflowing with charming and beautiful people, there is a vibrant culture of swingers, non-stop parties and countless crags are within an easy drive of all this debauchery. Welcome to La Belle Province.

Within a 100 km radius of Montreal, there are over 60 climbing areas covering every aspect of modern rock climbing. Expand that radius to 350 km and Montreal-based climbers have access to the Bas St-Laurent region, which leads north to desert beach bouldering in the Appalachians or white pocketed granite climbing in Kamouraska.

Like the nightlife in Montreal, the climbing in Quebec is always engaging. Sport routes often have spicy runouts, which help keep the energy and true spirit of climbing alive. The granite trad climbs also very entertaining. The rock is hard to read with very technical and pumpy climbing.

Here are 10 of the top Quebec areas that any road-tripping climbers should visit."

Make sure you keep a look out and come join us this summer in Quebec for some good times and a little bit of rock.

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