Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slayer and the dog that saved his Karma

Once upon a time, there was a mean young man, who, with the help of his friends, saw the possible money involved in Capturing dogs and cats and other domestic animals when they escaped from their homes or just got abandoned. They didn't like animals very much, but they sure did like money.

So one day, they started up this " Society" and named it the Berger Blanc. After seeing a couple adds in the yellow pages and having nowhere else to turn too, citizens of Montreal started calling the Berger Blanc to pick up the
stray dog in their backyards, or the cat that pooped on his lawn.

But behind the smiles and the clean white vans was a wall of denial. Once inside the fortress the animals where beaten, they where fed left overs, sometimes from other animals. They did not have spacious lofts like we do, no. They had to stay in confined spaces with hundreds of other cats and dogs, living in faeces, vomit, urine and the decaying bodies of there comrades.

So there they waited, to be rescued from their masters and/or from an adoptive parent. But with so many cats and with no control on who comes in or out, finding your pet was almost impossible.

So after a couple days, shorter than even the SPCA, he Wicked Witch of the North End of Montreal would stomp into the cages, throw the animals in a barrel, and execute them in plain sight.

And so this went on. For years, people lost there pets due to lack of control in the pick up and tagging process or simply because the Berger Blanc never checked for Electronic tags.

And so it continued. The angry man who runs this business has many cars, many houses and many wives. But he also as many canines waiting for him up high.
And this is all possible due, in part, by the lack of compassion from the City of Montreal and the Government of Canada, especially the conservative party, who cares little about anything else than buying military jets.

I would urge you all to sign this petition to make sure this does not continue. Go and read about all this at the Mirror's site and pass this on to your friends on blogs, FB, twitter or just scream out-load.

I also urge you to visit this site, Chiot Nordique, which, in co-operation with the SPCA, is saving puppies and dogs from gruesome conditions. I have already applied for one myself.

I know this is a little morbid for a Saturday morning, but this had to be said.


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