Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my email sent a few minutes ago. You will understand.

Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a great summer. Most of us are prepping for the OR, and at which I will be really happy to see you all at.

It is also time for you to start packing what you could gather and/or promised for the foundation and ship it off to me ( free domicile ) for or before July 20th ( ship date ) so I can have it weighed and packed for its 5 week trip by boat across the seas to Split, Croatia, our starting point. I did manage to get a great rate ( on me ) for 300 kilos / 2 meters cube of gear. So iLL has already sent me the boxes as well as about a dozen individuals donations shipped to me from across Canada.

I have organized all flights and train transport inner Europe through miles donations and Air Canada Star Alliance for Eva and I. Jason and Martina are going to help in Macedonia on our way to Lebanon late Sept early Oct. I have set up events at gyms, comps and events for the gear to be divided equally ( so I need to know what I have ahead of time, hence the ship date ). Pula, Split, Belgrade, Montenegro, Beirut and three other cities are on the call sheet. Our trip is attracting a lot of attention, and we are getting booked solid for events, gatherings and developing of new areas along the trip.

I would ask you to add any patches, stickers, banners or any other promotion logos that can be tagged to bags and placed in good situ for photo and video shots for your help. We will also be editing  some videos upon our return and we will need all your logos in high-rez and press pages to make the most out of what you did for these kids.

Please ship everything to the following address. Please make sure it is code tagged correctly for brokerage exception and/or free domicile.

Climbing Gear for Kids Foundation of Canada

x xx xx x xxxx
xxx x xxxxx x xx
xxx xxx

Thank you so much. I will keep you all in the loop as we approach the departure and the blog will stay busy with day to day updates once we are up and running. I will also have posters and stickers for you at the OR. :)


Ulric Rousseau
x x xxx xxx xxxx

So iLL
Maxim Ropes
New England Ropes
La Sportiva

Email xxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx


Sent to the following PEEPS in Discreet who are helping me out sooooooooooo Much.

La Sportiva
So iLL
Vetical Reality
Allez Up
Rock and Rope
Roc Gyms
Rock and Ice
Boiler Room

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