Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Off the market.

Hi baby. Its been 2 days since I saw you and I am already a nervous wreck. My stomach aches. Not because I am sick, but because I cannot be with you tonight. 8 days till I see you again, but feels like 800... 

When I was in europe last year, I took the train over night to Croatia. My ipod somehow got stuck on repeat and I could only have one song, and this is the song that was playing. I keept looking out the window of the train, at the small distant lights of houses in the moutains, the couples getting older together, having a late supper or going to bed. 

Sipping jack daniels out of a small glass jar from the market the prior day, thinking about when would finally meet my partner. The one who could finally complet me, make me a man, make me stop wandering and begin wondering. Stop searching and begin looking forward.; And among the slow and distant silence across the boundaries of Bosnia and Serbia, between the border check points and the 4 am wake ups from the mussel of a russian ak47, my heart pounded for you, even though I had not met you yet. it pounded so hard you must have heard it in the distance calling out.

I hope you like this song. every time it comes on i remember this trip, this moment in my life when i knew it was going to be, possible, alive, in tune. That it was not all a waste of nothing. That my path would one day lead to you. and it has, and I am, tonight, forever, the happiest and most thankful man on earth.

I love you chica. Yesterday, today and for all the tomorrows to come.

To quote Tarantino, "Mon amour, l'aventure commence"


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