Friday, March 23, 2012

Demo season begins...

I am still pondering the wording for this entry, will get right back to you on that!

So a few kids, and even some parents, commented on how "cool" my job was and how "fun" it was to travel and do demos and get all this free gear (which is not free, btw, let me explain.)

On the 19th I spent all day on the phone with UPS, on the 20th I spent the afternoon sitting in my car for the package to clear customs at the depo in Lachine. When it was finally obvious it was not gonna be available, I drove off the island, through traffic, changed cars at the house and then drove 170km to Sherbrooke. I missed a meeting at Atmosphere by a good hour ( I am never late ) and got out of the demo at the gym by 11pm. I then drove back home, getting to bed at 2am. I woke at 7 and dealt again with UPS after a quick shower. I packed my car and drove to the depo, to pick up said package, on the west end of town, cross the bridge with my truck ( my car is full and could not accommodate three more large boxes and 150lbs of rope ). When, to my huge surprise, the boxes where not in Lachine, but in Mirabel. So I drove the 100km to Mirabel, found customs, got my boxes, and headed back into town just as gridlock locked down the city. I crossed the bridge, and switched cars at 4pm, and then drove back onto the island, cross traffic and 2 bridges, towards Toronto for the 250km drive to Kingston. 5pm and I was still in the city, 250km away from my destination. I booted the A4 on cruise at 150km/h and got to the Boiler Room just before 7.

That night I slept in a cockroach infected motel off 417, drove to ottawa and checked into the ARC at 250$ a night. I did my PK at MEC the following day, took a nap and demoed at night until midnight the following 2 days. I then drove home after spending the morning at the TDB with the kids. I had sunday off. I caught up on paperwork and then left this morning for quebec city. I checked in at noon @ Pur, went to see the boys at Vie Sportive, got some grub, called and set an appointment in Chicoutimi tomorrow morning at 9am ( a 2 h drive from QC) and I will demo tonight, and tomorrow night at gyms here in QC. Thats my week so far. You like them apples?

So you want my job now?

All in all, yes, I love what I do, but it is still a Job, and requires a lot of planing and being very savy on time and travel times.

Its hotels that cost too much, food that tastes too salty, long drives and mind numbing highways with no exits, its 5$/gallon and free tshirts. Its also climbing with kids, giving away swag and seeing old friends I do not get to see very much. Its about the gym owners being fucking cool and offering me water and the lonely nights spent staring at spreadsheets memorizing figures and numbers and skews.

love it! :)

Pictures from top to bottom:

My room @ Pur in Quebec City
Demo at VR : 10pm

The Arc Hotel bar and a glass of Pinot. Thanks for serving me after the hours. We both know the tip was worth it :)

Giving away prizes at VR: 11pm

1:23 am after the Coyote demo and a long three days of UPS and driving mayhem.

Everything I climber needs...


  1. yeahh thanks again for coming to VR! I look awful in that photo but its alllll goodd!!

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