Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No place like HOME!

Well its offcial. I turned in my car papers to the Mexican Border Authority and I am now in San Antonio, making my way back to my igloo in the great white north, following the path of my ancestor fur or Beaver trappers. ( right Jeb? ) Hence the season has fallen, the tears shed, the blood boiled and laid down to rest. We had some good times, and I will miss many for the next 6 months, until my return.

On our last day, we started to develop a new wall. And Paya and I put up El Salto's first 9's and 10's, on tufas and roofs. Sick. I will get some shots of it soon.

I drove out early in the morning, after my breakfast with my peachy little chica and some goodbyes.

San Antonio is really not that interesting, so lets skip that, and supper with Jeb was alright, lacking in moral fibre and his wife. Oscar was also MIA with his GF. I guess I am getting boring in my old age.

Looks like I will be heading towards HorsePens 40 for a couple days of solo time. I look forward to the solitude. I need a Vaca. Maybe Rocktown and the Red to finish off, perhaps:). I need to be back in MTL by the 15th to receive my pallets from REVOLUTION for the Demo Tour and start sorting and packing for that. My La Spotiva boxes are waiting too, as are the So iLL ones. All the goodies.

I look forward to a clean shower and dealing with UPS at the depot again. I miss it. Damn, need to get my coat dry cleaned and I need new jeans. Gotta go!

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