Friday, March 16, 2012

End of WARS, start of peace.

The biggest tragedy of our existence is that Humans are inherently egotistical. History is written by those who slay heros. The bible was not written by Jesus or God, but by those who wanted to be them at all costs, who wanted the fame, but without the sacrifice.

Some of us fight for reasons few understand. We walk instead of drive, or buy a Prius when we know full well we will not make up the difference in price with gas consumption. We stand in front of a row of officials, alone, and get mocked and humiliated. We point out the wrong, only to be told that WE are wrong. We ask questions, and for answers, and get slaughtered at the stake for it. We are told to voice our speech and live a free life, but cannot speak unless its approved, and cannot leave without a passport.

Some of you might remember last september I witnessed horrible acts at my local crag, and when I dug a little deeper, I found hallucinating facts and wrong doings from the very people who are paid to protect that very spot.

Well ladies, and gentlemen (if they still do exist), I was handed an Ultimatum by a law firm today asking me to cease and desist all defamation and slandering of said persons or I would be brought before a jury of my peers ( funny, I seem not to recall having friends for a while ).

Funny thing about the legal notice, is that it was processed on the 13th of March, while I had already deleted most all of the videos and written entries on the 6th of March. On the 6th, my forum thread, which was the most popular and longest thread on the forum, was locked down. I asked the website owner on the 7th of March to either allow us free speech and re-activate the thread, or delete the thread entirly. I see no point in keeping a thread online but locked, as we cannot voice our opinions on it anyway. It was deleted.

Standing alone is something few of you will ever experience. Even fewer of you will ever appreciate what is done without recognition.

But I have to say, with all the enemies made, friends lost, and doors shut, I am glad that at least the person who seems to be so upset about me pointing out his errors, is no longer in charge of anything. He was thanked for his service and now his job is vacant and hopefully, someone competent will fill it. At least, that is one step in the right direction.

I am not saying any names, of course, because I do not want to delete this post. I want you all to know that I will not give up, and that this is in no way over.

I look forward in going climbing tomorrow, at Weir, knowing full well that I am safe, because of our acts and our loudness, bolts where fixed, anchors replaced, and corrections made, that would not have been without this little piece of shit asshole ( me ) who paints his nails and climbs all year, screaming to high heavens.

I bow, and I thank all of those who joined me, side by side, oh wait, oups, none of you did.

Who cares, I did this for you all, and the ends justify the means, in this case anyway.




March 18 2012 18:25pm

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  1. eea bato!!

    saludos desde Tampico tamaulipas.

    aca tienes casa pa cuando quieras caer.


    Abraham (jim moopman en FB)