Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gone in 30 seconds...

I'm sitting in my car waiting for the time to enter the mtl MEC, sewing my LS shirt cause it ripped last night while I was bouldering. I'm sewing and I'm thinking that one day I will tell my son that Home Ec aint that stupid after all. And those skills we squire as you g boys, like hammering a nail, fixing doors and being handy with our hands, are traits that women look for and that he should learn em, for his partner is not the 8th grader with blond hair and the cool jeans, his wife is out there far away lost likely. And he should learn all he can, because a
When he does meet her, he will only have one chance, that first 30 seconds to make his impression. And ten I thought, it's all about the 30 seconds. Honk about it. 30 seconds to early and your stick in traffic, 30 seconds to long and you fall off the anchors, 30 seconds I total and you might not get to sleep with her again LOL.

But it rely is all about the 30 seconds. Think about it.

That's my piece this morning. Have a great day all.

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